Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Ghana Rising Hearts Sydikat Buari -a style icon in the making…

I don’t know much about actress Nadia Buari’s sister Sydikat, only that I like her style. She truly has all the hallmarks of a future Ghanaian fashion star and with the right people around her, she can do anything. Because, whilst our Nadia sometimes has a fashion-off-day (don‘t we all), errrm weird hairstyles like -that ubiquitous Ghanaian girl next door hairstyle thingy…-you know…-hair plaited with extensions near the scalp and the bottom left out (it drives me mad -so messy) or that wig-gy full head of weave thingy but the groomed to within an inch of her life Sydikat is always on point.

Clear skin, dark soft hair (befitting her complexion -note, there’s a reason the heavens gave us black women -dark hair), fabulous make-up, yummy clothes that suit her figure -and on-trend (and what appears to look like leather) shoes. If you're wondering -does it matter if you wear leather or wannabe plastic shoes….then my style advice is sooo not for you....  After years in the industry, I can spot a celebrity with cheap plastic weave-on, wearing a stretchy 100% polyester shiny dress and wannabe synthetic leather shoes from a hundred miles away -and apart from it looking cheap -its flammable -and you should never aim for flammable, especially with all the chemical we black people put on our hair!!!!!

I wonder sometimes …..especially when I see one photograph after another of Ghanaian celebrities wearing cheap plastic wannabe leather shoes shipped back home from Kilburn Primark by, 'I-have-opened-my-boutique-in-Accra-ooOOo-and-I-sell-stuff-I-buy-for-two-puonds-from-Roman-road-market-for-Ghc45-oOOO' brigade …do they really believe that they can get away with that tackiness forever ...anyway don’t get me started..!!!

I love to see sisters back home doing their thing… and pretty and somewhat under the radar -Sydikat Buari is in my opinion, -the Buari sister to watch… In my head she’s a fabulous ‘Africa based’ socialite celebrated by the worlds high-end glossies and fashion bloggers (there’s no one like that in Africa -even though a few South African girls-about-town have come close). Anyway, whatever she decides to do -I’m sure she will be fabulous at it…...

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