Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Music: Steve Bedi’ -Ghana’s premier saxophonist…

***Wow what can I say…. Steve Bedi knows how to play the saxophone and I’m impressed!! Also -I’m loving the black & white photo of his talented, handsome guy… To buy Steve’s latest, ‘Syncos Jazz’ visit: http://www.stevebedimusic.org/

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With regards to his background, Steve says that his father was a military man and some of his passion for music came from military brass and drums. He recalls that from the age of six, he had a profound interest in music and by the age of 8, was playing trombone with his school band.

From this age he became inspired by Louis Armstrong and after finishing secondary school he started listening to music that featured the saxophone. It was at this time that he fell in love with the instrument and became heavily influenced by Kenny Garrett, David Sanborn, Kenny G and more significantly, John Coltrane.

At this time, he faced a choice as to whether he would take his education further or to pursue music full time.

He chose the latter and faced pressure and opposition from friends and relatives as he was the only musician in his family. He describes his journey to the point of being able to record his debut album as a very difficult struggle and despite performing in Europe and South Africa, he has been through some very difficult times financially.

Now, with the release of ‘Syncos Jazz’ and the rise of his profile as the most sought after saxophonist in Ghana, he believes the hardest times are behind him and that he will eventually win high international acclaim as a leading musician on the world stage. Steve Bedi was signed by Scratch Studios nearly one year ago and has recorded his superb debut album titled ‘Syncos Jazz’ which is a unique blend of jazz and traditional African music fused with other styles.

His music has classic elements of Stan Getz with a mixture of ‘Pseudo Jazz’, ‘Jazz Fusion’ and more contemporary styles that will draw fans of any age. Steve has been playing music for 20 years and he has given rise to a distinct brand of jazz that will captivate the world and stand the test of time. He has managed to create his own style reminiscent of Manu Dibango, Groover Washington, Stanley Turrentine, George Benson, Bob James and other CTI record label artistes.

Scratch Studios’ record label has worked closely with Steve on a creative level and produced the ‘Syncos’ sound so that comparatively, ‘Syncos’ is to Scratch as soul music was to Motown. Scratch Studios coined the expression ‘Syncos’ to describe a unique style broadly described as synchronised soul.l. There have been some highly influential artists and modern jazz musicians such as Kenny G, David Sanborn, Dave Koz, Gerald Albright and Salif Keita and it seems that Steve Bedi will become a name to join them. This, his debut album, has been long overdue and is set for release on Scratch Studios record label in the next few months. http://www.stevebedimusic.org/

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