Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Menaye Donkor-Muntari to host Fashion Power…..

I wake-up wanting to delete my Facebook account -every morning, then I realise -the community I love and write about doesn’t do marketing, promotion, press releases or business very well so I hold on -then a gem like this one, about a new series called ‘Fashion Power’ which appears to be similar in format to the ’Project Runway’ shows (to be honest I don’t know much about it as I haven’t been sent a press release) but…wait for it.... -its to be hosted by Ghana Rising fave, model Menaye Donkor and Ghanaian/Russian fashion designer, Bee Arthur, I’m afraid I don’t know much about Ms Arthur’s work but I hear she’s big in Ghana.

From Fashion Power’s Facebook page I found the following:

“November 14  -Reality Show -Season 1 (About Fashion) …”

Description: It bears a dual format of a 13 series Television Reality Show and an extraordinary Fashion Event with all the glitz and glamour as witnessed in an international fashion festival.

Fashion Power will Feature budding fashion designers between the ages of 21 and 30. To contest, the designer must not belong to any label and must have a minimum of first cycle education; or simply be able to read and write with basic proficiency.

The underlying tasks would be to use various African fabrics to churn out designs, blend them with other influences, inject their own ideas and explore their creativity fully to produce clothes for various situations, occasions and personalities.

Plot Outline:  Two auditions each will be held in Ghana and Nigeria. The selection process will be accompanied by interviews with the lead judges: Bee Arthur and Menaye Donkor about their vision for fashion and the project. There will also be interviews and comments from other fashion industry stakeholders, international models and celibrities. After presenting Bee and Menaye with their own home made designs, the 24 designers will be shortlisted to 12 contestants who will move into the Fashion Power House in Accra, Ghana.Then the show begins!

Schedule First Quarter, 2012  -Starring Bee Arthur and Menaye Donkor -Directed By Priscilla N. Nzimiro
Written By Rachel Ajaari and Yaw Dua


****Wow Ghana TV's going to be Hot in 2012 many fabulous programs to watch. I’m particularly looking forward to Fashion Power because I know its going to be great. Menaye Donkor-Muntari is beautiful, talented and a professional -and knows her stuff plus she’s uber connected -so I look forward to cameos and guest appearances by some of her fab celebrity friends on this must-watch-show. For more information about Fashion Power visit:

To keep up with all of Menaye Donkor-Muntari’s yummy happenings visit her website at:

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