Tuesday, 20 December 2011

GH¢58 million was allegedly paid to businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome by the Ghanaian government -and all hell’s broken loose in Ghana!!!

My Jojo and I had to move (by force) just a few days after his seventh birthday in August, and we lost everything… -ok not everything -we still have our God and each other (Amen) but the experience was sooo painful that I’ve yet to truly discuss it…Anyway we’ve made some new friends -and one of them is a lovely lady from St Lucia and her daughter is married to a Ghanaian man….She is sooo clued up on all our [Ghana’s] happenings that I love to hear all about, “how her poor daughter and son-in-law are being robbed left-right-and-centre” as they build their home in Ghana’s hot Accra -whilst we wash our clothes (our temporary accommodation doesn’t have room for a washing machine)!!!

She also gives good politics -as she used to be in it and is still kind-of connected!! Anyway we were discussing the sorry state of African politics when she notified me of one of her Nigerian friends who has just gone back home -to take up a ministerial post -and as I type this -right now -is embarking on purchasing (out right, no mortgages for this cat) her third home in London’s chichi Hampstead Heath….thus it got me thinking about our own -cesspit political goings-on in Ghana…..

The truth is …I sooo wasn’t going to add more exposure to an already overblown piece of news …afforded to the alleged hand over by the Ghanaian government of GH¢58 million to businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome -but I know that you guys like to be kept abreast of all Ghana‘s latest happenings. So…google it or follow the following link for more information about this heinous transaction via: http://www.modernghana.com/news/368013/1/sack-betty-mould-minority-yells-over-ghs58m-judgem.html

You know, I’m not shocked …but I was under the impression that we [Ghanaians] were Christofuo(s) and that we were ‘working out our salvation with fear and trembling’ -but I guess that in a country where many children still go to bed hungry, when it comes to ‘Sika’ matters -morality goes out of the window. Heaven help us….no really, Heaven help us.

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