Friday, 30 December 2011

Sweet Cakes by Frimpsey

“Modern cakes made for all of life's special occasions. You create the event and we will create the cake to fit!......... so now YOU can have your cake and eat it.” Sweet Cakes by Frimpsey

If you decide to get married in Ghana or like myself -launch something in Ghana this year, you’ll be spoilt for choice -with regards to all the yummy professional services and …most importantly, all the uber hot cake makers in Ghana.

Frimpomaa Darko-Mensah’s Sweet Cakes by Frimpsey is new to Ghana Rising’s radar and I’m pleased that I’ve stumbled across it because her yummy creations look divine. When it comes to all things cakes, Frimpomaa Darko-Mensah does it all, -weddings, birthdays, a choice cupcakes and corporate services. Her cupcakes alone come in flavours including: Lemon Chiffon with lemon butter cream, Crushed Walnuts with rum butter cream, Plantain (ripe) with peanut butter cream, Fruit with rum butter cream, Pineapple with pineapple butter cream, Chocolate with chocolate butter cream, Vanilla with bailey butter cream, Strawberry with strawberry and coconut butter cream -yummy. To order the above cakes or for more information email: or call +233246996664.

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