Thursday, 20 February 2014

Business: Dow Chemicals Company comes back to Ghana....

Title: Dow Chemical ReLaunch Operations In Ghana

As part of its commitment to grow its business in Africa, Dow Chemicals Company, a US-based chemical company, has expanded its business to Ghana and other West African market.

Dow, which has been operating in Africa for about 55 years, sees Africa as a core to its future growth and business success.

The multinational company initially has operations in the Ghanaian market during the 90s until it pulled out, relying rather on intermediaries to distribute its product within the region.

Dow West Africa Managing Director, Mr Tony Groosman said the American multinational moved out of Ghana due to unstable political climate and difficulties in doing business.

However, he said Africa’s stable economic environment makes it compelling to invest here.

“Now, those things have changed. The global economy has changed, but also Africa has changed a lot in terms of political stability,” Groosman said, adding that it gives companies like Dow the confidence to invest.

With an annual sale of about $60 billion, the company’s portfolios include generic formulae in industrial paint that tackles blistering, poor scrub, resistance to heat, moist and fire. Its more than 500 products are manufactured at 197 sites in 36 countries across the globe.


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