Sunday, 16 February 2014

Kaya Energy Bar & Design Accra: Ghana gets its first luxury raw food restaurant.....


Paulina says: The weather in London has been a nightmare, my little man now has the beginnings of a cold, -still I mustn't grumble, -there are many in the UK truly suffering with floods et al.

Anyways I was talking to La Accra socialite last night and she mentioned that she was very cross with me -with regards to my lack of forthcoming post(s) about that new plastic surgery place in Accra Ghana -she wants me to post it before someone else does!!!

Again I had to let Ms Jagger-jagger know that I took precious timeout from my tight-over-fraught schedule to message said plastic surgery place ---to ask to speak to its founding surgeon and at least
four happy customers/clients for me to interview etc, -and they failed to get back to me -and as I 've stated here on Ghana Rising Blog in the past, -I will not post something as serious as a plastic surgery on La blog without having some real facts....and testimonials.

Still, La Accra socialite reminded me about the newly opened chichi Kaya Energy Bar & Design Accra, -known locally by Accra's style elite and expat community as Kaya, and informed me that they had now uploaded images onto their FB fan page -very good!!!

Its soooooooooo important for all businesses to have a FB page -even more sooo than a website -at timessss. The honest-to-goodness truth is that I'm contacted daily by businesses who 'get the power of La Ghana Rising blog post' but ------I tend to only write about 10% of said businesses as I often don't understand what they are selling, -one,  -and two, ---most don't have up-to-date websites and the few that do, -the website are utter rubbish!!! Thus, I tend to prefer FB, its free after all.. -Plus, all said businesses have to do, is update their fan page daily ---but this also -is very difficult for some!!!

Anywaysssss, La Accra socialite is raving about Kaya and its trendy-new-to-Ghana-and-Africa-green-credentials...

According to La Accra socialite, Accra's urbanites have been crying out for somewhere uber elegant, well elegant enough for them to take their visiting friends (the likes of you and me), a venue that understands that the 'world of the fashionable and the fabulous' no longer do sugar but raw food -and Kaya is that with bells on!!!

Apparently Kaya, -a contemporary concept bar-and-restaurant-come-chic-design-furniture-and lifestyle-store (they are selling most of the quality elegant furniture you see in the photos above) -is the place to be if you want true exclusivity and beautifully prepared healthy food, including raw food as we have already established (though I can't quite see the likes of my father going in for all that raw food stuff) -in the most serene, gorgeous surroundings in Accra's chic Cantonment postcode. ...and you know what, I can't wait to check out it...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the haute folks behind this 'green' venture and gorgeous venue for adding more icing to Ghana's burgeoning sexy lifestyle cake... For more info about Kaya (Energy Bar & Design Accra) visit: &


More Info:

Raw Food Restaurant, Nature Shop & Gallery

Kaya Energy Bar & Design is a conscious life-style concept of blending a bar, raw food restaurant and designer show-room, offering furniture, textiles, jewellery, cosmetics, super-foods and other products of natural and organic origin.

In beautifully decorated showroom, terraces and gardens (see attached pictures), KAYA serves natural and healthy drinks, all prepared with fresh fruit, vegetables, organic seeds and super-foods.

A raw food menu (first of that kind in Africa) is created by Green Chef Darko Juric. Why eat raw food? Cooking is the major factor that destroys the vitality and essential nutrients in the food. Eating our food raw improves our health and well-being.

**Credit: All photos come courtesy of Kaya Energy Bar & Design Accra

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  1. I will never ever respect any company or service in this day and age who does not have an active nor well designed website to go with their product or service. Africans always think they are smart when it comes to branding always trying to cut corners, have free email accounts like gmail and yahoo and using facebook as their only website. Cmon enough already, Enkruasi sem ni doso dudu. I cannot wait to launch my business in Aug 2014 to teach them how its really done and I cant wait to also launch TZR to really show people we like in 2014, put some class into it. What is TZR, dont worry you will know soon.