Saturday, 15 February 2014

Health & Wellbeing: Need to see a doctor or nurse in the comfort and privacy of your own home in Ghana -call Home Health......

Paulina says: Home Health is a professional comprehensive medical outfit that offers 24/7 quality care in the comfort of your own home in Ghana...Their services include the following:
1) Doctor on call service.
2) Skilled Nursing.
3) Home Health Aides
4) Physical Therapy (physiotherapy)
5) Speech Therapy
6) Medical Social Services
7) Primary Care Assistance
9) Laboratory Services
10) Vaccination et al.....

***With regards to costs and payments, Home Health offers many packages with most charges set at a, "fixed amount which includes cost of consultation, transport, laboratory and other investigations inclusive" -do call them for more details....
For more info or a consultation visit:

More Info....

HOME HEALTH is a comprehensive home health service fully registered as a limited liability company.

We provide quality Doctor and Nursing care and other clinical supporting services. The staff at Home Health care are highly experienced, compassionate, professional, and provide care in a home environment.

These staff are also workers in various Government hospitals across the country. All OUR staff members are fully registered with the Ghana medical association (GMA) , the Ghana registered Nurses Association (GRNA) and other recognized bodies. 


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