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The High-Life: Ghana set for Greater Demand for Private Jets...............

Title: Ghana to See Greater Demand for Private Jets
Dated: October 2013

Hangar8, the UK-listed global aviation management and charter company with operations across Africa, believes Ghana and West Africa in general will see a huge increase in demand for private aviation services over the next few years.

This it says will be fuelled by strong economic growth, increasing foreign direct investment and a growing tourism industry.

Analys is of industry data by Hangar8 reveals that currently there are around 168 business aircraft registered in West Africa, an increase of around 54% since 2002.

Furthermore, the number of business aircraft delivered to the region between the periods 2003-2007 and 2008-2012 increased by a staggering 106%.

Hangar8 has 14 private jets available for charter across Africa. It also has a fleet of medically dedicated aircraft on the continent for aero-medical evacuations, of which it says there are over 15,000 every year, accounting for as many as 40% of the world's total.

Speaking from the Ghana Summit 2013 in Accra hosted by The Economist, Janus Kamradt, Group Sales and Marketing Director, Hangar8 said: "West Africa is a very exciting market for us and one where we see huge potential for growth.

"Ghana, for example, is one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world and has a rapidly expanding energy industry and mining sector.

It has between five billion and seven billion barrels of petroleum in reserves, and a large oilfield which contains up to three billion barrels of sweet crude oil. It also has vast natural gas reserves, is one of the largest gold producers in the world and has a strong tourism industry.

"These factors, plus a rapidly expanding economy, are all closely correlated with a growing demand for private aviation services."

Paulina says: I believe that Hangar 8, "a private jet aircraft management company based at Oxford Airport in the UK, who already have offices in South Africa and Nigeria -are truly feeling the zeitgeist!!! ---Yes, I also see a greater demand for a much more faster, safer, more convenient way to travel by private jets in Ghana.

Certainly, Ghana's chichi Lebanese community have been flying to and from Kumasi from Accra and beyond forever -and now that Ghana's rich natives are less afraid to show their wealth, -me thinks private air-travel is the 'Next Big Thing'.........
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