Saturday, 8 February 2014

Business: Samuel Mensah

Samuel Mensah, Intel Capital Investment Director for Sub-Saharan Africa 

Samuel Mensah, born in Ghana, has been Investment Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Intel Capital since January 2009.

At Intel Capital, Mensah initiated and led its expansion efforts into sub-Saharan Africa.
Prior to joining Intel Capital, Mensah served as Intel Corporation for six years in multiple roles within the Intel Sales and Marketing Group.

Mensah drove Intel’s expansion efforts into Sub-Saharan Africa as Business Development Director and was responsible for engaging Governments, Telcos and Financial Institutions to deliver Digital Inclusion programs that increase PC and internet penetration in African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Mauritius, Senegal, and South Africa.

Mensah previously worked in London at Deutsche Bank as an Analyst and Gresham Financial Systems.

Mensah serves as Director of Sproxil, Inc and Rancard Solutions.
Mensah holds an MA and BA in Economics and Management from Oxford University.


Paulina says: Some people ask me why I bother -I'm not paid for Ghana Rising blog -after all, but I say -----its about celebrating the likes of Samuel Mensah of Intel Capital -who inspire me to greater things...

As you all know ---we Ghanaians are very quite people (it drives me crazy) but I feel that its important for us (Ghanaians/Africans) to know about movers & shakers like Samuel Mensah, -so our children know that black people are ---also achievers,  -that some in our community are doing and achieving greatness.

I share all this info with my little man -Jojo. Whether he remembers their name or not in six months time is of little importance to me (I struggle to remember what I did yesterday), I just want him to know that every other day, he is told about a Ghanaian/African individual who is making a difference, thus, he can toooooo!!!!!  

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