Thursday, 22 July 2010

Actor: Abdul Salis

I watched 'Love Actually' the other day, –and was convinced that 'Tony' was Ghanaian –and I was right –as he’s played by the gorgeous, Abdul Salis. The following is more information about this talented brother........enjoy xx

Abdul Salis (born July 6, 1979) is a British actor, probably most notable for his role as a paramedic Curtis Cooper on the longest-running medical drama Casualty broadcast in the UK. He is a son of Ghanaian parents who moved to London in 1975.

Salis has appeared in numerous television roles, including The Hidden City (2002), aforementioned Casualty (2008-2009), Trevor's World of Sport (2003) and an episode of Doctor Who (2006). His cinema films include Love Actually (2003), Sahara (2005), Welcome Home (2004) and Animal (2004).

On stage he starred in Blood Wedding and The Road at the Orange Tree Theatre theatre as well as Joe Guy at Tiata Fahodzi. He was in the 2006 production of The Exonerated in London's Riverside Studios.

In 2006, the movie Flyboys loosely portrayed aviation pioneer Eugene Jacques Bullard and his comrades from the Lafayette Flying Corps. The film features digital dogfights, and Salis portrayed Eugene Skinner, a character based on Bullard. Interviewed by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Columbus, Georgia), Salis discussed the notion of doing an entire movie about this famed figure:

"You know what, that's exactly what Dean Devlin said on the shoot... He said that this story, of the characters, Eugene's story alone is the only one worth a film in its entirety, outright. He said that maybe if he'd had his way, it would have been all about Eugene Bullard... If you look at it, with these flyboys, having made it, you talk about a great moment when he's growing up, his dad's a slave.... He gets to be a boxer in France, wins a championship. He goes to the war, the Lafayette Escadrille, fighting for the French. The Americans join in. He becomes a spy. There's the jazz bar. And he dies alone, an elevator operator. It's fantastic... It'd be nicer for me, I think, just to keep it real, just to play an homage or to play a friend or something and really kind of disguise myself a bit. I don't know if I would be happy as an outsider watching a character from another film then go on to be... unless these guys, Dean Devlin and these guys did it -- or maybe as a TV movie or something -- I don't think I'd feel comfortable with me doing it. Does that make sense? But I wouldn't say no. Of course not."  [Credit:]

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