Thursday, 1 July 2010

Play.Dot Apparel –Fashion’s ‘Next Big Thing’........

“Play.Dot Apparel was launched December 2007 in stores around London and Brighton. The company was founded by Kwasi Boateng and Kenny Annan-Johnathan. They both lived and grew up in Battersea, South London all their lives. They have both always had a passion for fashion, from dressing right through to designing. So it was inevitable that the ideas that brought about Play.Dot Apparel would one day come to life........Kwasi had been working for a few designers prior to the launch, and Kenny's ideas fitted so well with what Kwasi wanted to achieve with the clothing. Play.Dot launched with great success in over 15 outlets and online stores. Over the last year, Play.Dot has sold hundreds of caps and collaborated with many reputable UK clothing labels........The future looks bright with the launch of their brand new 'skitz' range at the fore front of their plans. The unique jumper and cap combo has had fantastic response so far and they hope to continue its success with new colours and variety.”

***I first read about Play.Dot Apparel last year in the Voice newspaper –and at the time Kwasi Boateng and Kenny Annan-Johnathan [the duo behind Play.Dot Apparel] were only designing [men’s] T-shirts; -fast forward a year and it’s a totally different story, -Play.Dot Apparel has evolved into a recognized brand that now sells both men’s and women apparel, caps and has also collaborated with some incredible brands -and is now sold throughout the UK at various ‘hot’ stores and online. The future’s bright for Play.Dot Apparel –and the celebs agree, -the likes of: Ras Kwame, Chipmunk, Trevor Nelson, Skitz, Lil Wayne, Tim Westwood, Skepta [to name a few] have all been photographed in Play.Dot Apparel. To order or for more information visit:

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