Monday, 26 July 2010

krystle Simpson - a beauty with a purpose.....

Krystle Simpson is one of my favourite Miss Ghana’s of all times –and so much so- that she was crowned one of 'The Most Beautiful Women of Ghanaian Origin 2010 by Ghana Rising [you can view all Ghana Rising’s Beautiful Women of Ghanaian origin 2010 at:], –anyway this special lady has a charity called Gold Star –set up to help educate women and children in Ghana. At present, donations can be made to Gold Star via donation boxes at various schools and community locations throughout the MD/DC area in the States –but for those of us wanting to help outside of the States please email krystle at: email As stated above -Gold Star, is looking for donations of: canned food, clothing, shoes, and books. For more information about krystle Simpson visit:

"At Gold Star we promote education in reading, writing and in subject matter that interest the poor children and adults of Ghana. Our education interest lies with HIV/AIDS and women empowerment. Education can equip the less fortunate with knowledge that can help improve their lives. Gold Star encourages education and solicits donations of books and other education material. WHAT GOLD STAR IS DOING 1. Promoting the Love of God and the Love of Each Other. 2. Accepting donations of food, clothing and education material for the underprivileged people of Ghana 3.Encouraging general reading and writing and in specific areas of interest 4. Educating on ALL protective and preventative measures of contracting HIV/AIDS and other STDs 5. Encouraging women empowerment HOW YOU CAN HELP Please Donate: canned food, clothing, shoes, and books. By donating to Gold Star, you can help get food to a child who has not eaten a meal in days, books to a child who is eager to learn, and shoes or other clothing to the homeless who are cold at night. This will restore hope and joy into their lives and provide reassurance that someone cares, that you care. It only takes one person to make a big difference, but together we can do even more! Please help Gold Stars enrich the lives of families in Ghana. THANK YOU. ** Look for Gold Stars donation boxes at school and community locations throughout the MD/DC area. ** Gold Star will also pick up donations from your households every other Saturday in the MD/DC area. ** For pick-up/ questions/ becoming a part of Gold Star, email" Gold Stars

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