Thursday, 1 July 2010

Chocolate from ‘The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company’ –probably the best chocolate in the world....

All natural -- not alkalized -- cocoa powder made with The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company ‘s signature beans in Ghana. Perfect for baking or for making your own hot cocoa. Medium brown in color. Piquant flavor profile. Recipe on the can. Just the stuff for dusting your truffles. $5.15

The same as their signature Omanhene Hot Cocoa Mix but with a touch of pure mint oil. All natural with no chemical additives or artificial flavors. Propylene-glycol free. Make with milk. $7.75

“Now, for the first time, The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company is producing world class chocolate entirely in Ghana using beans The Financial Times calls "the finest cocoa in the world." Steven C. Wallace founded the company in February, 1991, at the age of 29 convinced that if Ghana could grow the "world's finest cocoa", it ought to be able to produce some of the world's finest chocolate. Wallace's interest in Ghana began in 1978 when, as a sixteen year-old, AFS high school foreign exchange student, he lived in the town of Sunyani located in the fertile Brong-Ahafo region of the country. His host family was a traditional Ghanaian family consisting of his host father, his three wives and twenty-one children.

Omanhene has proven itself one of the most successful and creative joint ventures between the U.S. and Ghana. We have won accolades from United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, Shirley Temple (former ambassador to Ghana) and President Jimmy Carter. We produce value-added gourmet chocolate tailored specifically to export markets resulting in enhanced foreign exchange revenues for Ghana.”

**I haven’t had the pleasure of sampling the above Cocoa mixes by ‘The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company’ but they looks fantastic. The Omanhene Cocoa Bean Company can also be commissioned to put your own private label on their tins of: cocoa, natural cocoa powder, double chocolate iced frappé mix, and Madagascar white iced frappé mix –for those special occasions when you want to send a special message [ideal for: charities, corporate gifts, churches, weddings, goodie bags, fashion shows etc –the list is endless]. For the above [and much more] visit: ....Enjoy x


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