Thursday, 15 July 2010

Music: ‘Awesome Tapes from Africa’ Blog

Fans of High-life will love the, ‘Awesome Tapes from Africa’ blog! A fabulously random collection of High-Life albums by various African artist [dead and alive] - I stumbled across the following gems including: Onipa Nua’s ‘I Feel Alright’, City Boys Band Led By Obuoba J.A. Adofo’s ‘Nya Asem Hwe’, Black Nature and Heavy D Wumbanma's ‘Obaatumtum’, A.B. Crentsil and the Osookoo Stars' 'Ye Wo Adea Oye', Alhaji Yaya Zakori Fushien Kububua's 'Fushien Kububua', Alhaji K. Frimpong’s 'Rikia', Ebaahi Soundz’s ‘Oshitℇ’ and much more. To check out ‘Awesome Tapes from Africa’ blog or listen to the above music visit:

You can listen to the whole of A.B. Crentsil and the Osookoo Stars' 'Ye Wo Adea Oye' [the album includes: 'Nawa To Be Husband', 'Only Your Voice', 'Julianna', 'Ehurisi' and 'Angelina'] here: -I did and it bought back some wonderful memories!

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