Wednesday, 24 August 2011

100 People -A World Portrait

The following statistics are an abbreviated version of the research that we commissioned from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. The detailed research and source information can be found here. The statistics contained in the email that originally inspired the project have been retired, but can still be viewed here for purposes of comparison.

If the World were 100 PEOPLE:

50 would be female

50 would be male

20 would be children

There would be 80 adults,

14 of whom would be 65 and older

There would be:

61 Asians

12 Europeans

13 Africans

14 people from the Western Hemisphere

There would be:

31 Christians

21 Muslims

14 Hindus

6 Buddhists

12 people who practice other religions

16 people who would not be aligned with a religion

17 would speak a Chinese dialect

8 would speak Hindustani

8 would speak English

7 would speak Spanish

4 would speak Arabic

4 would speak Russian

52 would speak other languages

82 would be able to read and write; 18 would not

1 would have a college education

1 would own a computer

75 people would have some supply of food and a place to

shelter them from the wind and the rain, but 25 would not

1 would be dying of starvation

17 would be undernourished

15 would be overweight

83 would have access to safe drinking water

17 people would have no clean, safe water to drink

Sources: Fritz Erickson, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay and John A. Vonk, University of Northern Colorado, 2006; Returning Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison Wisconsin, Unheard Voices: Celebrating Cultures from the Developing World, 1992; Donella H. Meadows, The Global Citizen, May 31, 1990.

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