Thursday, 18 August 2011

Victoria Street in Newark, New Jersey, USA is renamed Ghanaian Way...

Victoria Street in US renamed Ghanaian Way
On Saturday, June 24 2011, history was made in America when a local street was named; “Ghanaian Way’. The former Victoria Street is where Dream African Market is located.

In attendance were; Congressmen Donald M. Payne, The Consul General; Ghana Missions, NY – H.E. Ernest Lomotey, the City of Newark Municipal Council leaders, many chiefs, queen mothers and the general public. The Co-Chairperson for the ceremony was; A. Zachary Yamba, now retired and was the New Jersey’s longest-serving college president.

Dream African Market is a lcoal hot spot for many africans who live in New Jersey. Its Manager is; James Ken Kwofie.

The brain behind the street naming of the street Ghanaian Way is Council Member Ras Baraka.

It started during the Ghana vs. USA soccer match in South Africa 2010 where Ghana beat USA. Many Dream members who were watching the game started jubilating on the then Victoria St which is now Ghanaian Way. A squad of Police Officers thought they were having a riot and wanted to arrest them. Then a phone call was made to the Councilman Baraka who ordered the road to be closed but the football fans continued jubilating throughout the night. Later on the Councilman came to witness carnival Ghanaians had and they decided to name the street; Ghanaian Way.

Many Ghanaians living in the United States have expressed excitement at the development.

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