Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Have you ever had your email account hacked and broken into? I did and its taken sometime to recover, literally….

My email account was violently hacked into! It then proceeded to send out the most awful, disgusting spam and links to everyone in my contact file and as you can imagine this wasn’t good. I don’t know if some of the people in my contact file thought I had created the spam in my kitchen and was sending them out but I've had the worst week of my life and at times didn’t think I could recover. But what’sbeen the biggest eye opener and the biggest lesson is that those at the very top of their game, artists who have Giorgio Armani on their speed dial and persons who have truly made it -understood. But there were one or two wannabes and a few individuals who haven’t exhibited since 2002 -surprisingly rude!

Still I understand that someone’s emailing/sending you spam, possibly to infect your email with viruses is not good but I wonder if any of these individuals thought about how this has effected and impacted me?

I’ve been truly shaken by this hacking. I’ve lost numerous contacts, files, addresses and most importantly interviews, images and things of that nature intended for Black Star magazine. Plus I’ve learnt that the minute I receive something in my email account, I must deal with it straight away etc. But mostly that my reputation matters to me and that certain people thinking that I intentionally sent them spam is very hurtful. And that certain people felt the need to email and tell me to remove them from my contact list was very upsetting.

I don’t know if I’m doubly effected and sensitive because I spend morning, noon and night up, rewording some of hideous work sent to me by some of Ghana’s finest, who believe that YES & No are right and OK answers for interview answers being sent to a high-end magazine, and that -adjacent to the old American embassy is an address, can you imagine?

Anyway, I didn’t at times think I would recover but I have Amen and I’m tired. I’ve also grown and would like to take this opportunity to apologise again to anyone who received spam from my old email address. Microsoft Works have finally closed down said account. And I’m still pressing on with Black Star. To contact me please leave notes under any of my latest postings or message me via Facebook but my new email address is now private and strictly for business.

Thanks and have a Blessed day.

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