Thursday, 18 August 2011

KFC is now in Ghana….

Flicking through Facebook, I do it at least once a day [I need to be on top of things] -I stumbled across FB friend ‘La-Paradise Inn Accra’ -and fabulous news (or not sooo fabulous depending on how nutritionally on the mark you are) that Ghana now has a KFC restaurant. ‘La-Paradise Inn Accra‘, offer one and two bedrooms self-catering apartments in Accra -

are worth a visit -as they are always on top of their game concerning all the yummy happenings in Accra. You can visit them at:

Back to KFC -according to ‘La-Paradise Inn Accra’ KFC is located at “Danqua[h] Circle better Oxford Street just few minutes from us” -in Osu, Accra. I guess this is very good for tourism and you all know how I feel about Tourism, I only hope that in five years time -we don’t find ourselves on the ‘Worlds worst Obesity list’ -because we just don’t have the health service needed to combat that, as we all know Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is in desperate need of renovations…can you believe it??? Ok lets not go there……I just don’t have the energy to talk about it -right now…Do let me know your feelings concerning KFC… xx

More Info about La-Paradise Inn Accra
Right in the heart of the vibrant Osu Area of Accra,LA-PARADISEINN is sorrounded by a diverse array of shops and restaurant,cafe's and clubs offering no-stop day and night activities. Yet when you wish to relax ,the confortable Apart'Hotel offers a soothing reprive from the buzz. Each of the apartments features a modern living space wich doubles up as a home office, complete with the high speed broadband internet access and satellite TV. Outside the apartments you can enjoy the swimming pool and the tropical garden. With everything from culture to cuisine to commerce righ to your doorstep, you'll never have a dull moment at LA-PARADISEINN.


  1. Wow!!!! I actually thought McDonald's would get there first.

  2. thanks for the info about la-paradise... wish to rent an apartment at la-paradise than staying in a hotel. I'm planning to visit Ghana soon for a longer period, so I guess I can consider this apartment as an option:) Thanks a lot^^ you're a blessing... hope we can see each other in Accra too, thank you my friend:)