Monday, 8 August 2011

No Kwakoe Festival in Amsterdam this year?

I had a fabulous time in 2005 and 2006 at Amsterdam’s Kwakoe Festival and recommended it to everyone I meet there after, so I’m shocked that due to luck of funding it’s a no show this year… As the name suggest [Kromanti] Kwakoe is used to celebrate the end of slavery and is also celebrated in Suriname. It’s a real shame because our people, the Suriname community and beyond love and look forward to it.

Its got me wondering, what do folk in Bijlmer and Amsterdam Spot [if you’re not familiar with this part of  the Nederland’s -it’s a must, its all parties, lace front weaves and some of the best Ghanaian and Ivorian food in the world] -think about the no-show, so I rang Amsterdam Doris [nee Sunyani Doris] and she concluded, “the council is cutting down on spending, the organisers behind the festival couldn’t raise the funds needed and it was cancelled.” I hope its back on next year, as I’m thinking fashion shoot with the festival as a back drop!! What do you think? Do you wanna go?

About the film clip above, its soooo familiar, -right? The faces, music, the dance, the handkerchiefs and the need to form a circle, its all there -remnants of Kwaku….

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