Monday, 22 August 2011

Ghana Rising Hearts Prince Silk Creations

"I hope my work will inspire you to dream big and know that you are capable of doing all things you desire.

Our journey on earth is not affected by what is done to us but how we handle the good and the bad, our reactions to what occurs on this journey determine our outcome. Do not be a spectator, a passenger along for the ride, Take action! Manifest your own destiny with a positive attitude and you will not only achieve fabulous results for yourself but inspire others to achieve excellence! As long as you have faith in the lord, motivation, diligence, you never give up no matter what obstacles you may encounter, you will have great success in life! You may encounter some bumps in your road to success that may deter you momentarily but don’t let them throw you off , stay strong, do not give up and I promise you all your hard work, faith and conviction will pay off and you will be blessed to reach heights you never could have imagined!"
Prince Duncan-Williams

***Prince Duncan-Williams’ Prince Silk Creations are new to Ghana Rising’s radar and I’m sooo pleased to have stumbled across them on Facebook. I’m now a fan. From Prince Duncan-Williams’ Abstracts to his African inspired pieces -they all have a certain jour de vive and conscious verve that lends itself to the here and now and I love them. You can find out more about Prince Duncan-Williams’ art and purchase the above pieces at:

More Info...
Kumasi, Ghana native Prince Duncan-Williams relocated to the United States in 1982. After studying architectural engineering at Takoradi Polytechnic, he joined a family tradition of silk art creations. Nearly 4 decades in the making, Prince Duncan-Williams has perfected this art carried down from generations to create breathtaking large scale masterpieces that combine African and American Culture. Prince is most inspired by Jazz Music, Rhythm, Harmony, Native Art and the great Pablo Picasso. The musical influence is apparent in his pieces from the harmonious juxtaposition of colors and shapes creating a melody of color, texture and perfectly balanced shapes. It is amazing that Prince Duncan-Williams has had no formal art training, it must be in his blood, handed down from generations of other family members.

Silk art creation is a unique, laborious, and complicated process in which a blended silk and rayon thread is arranged by hand and glued in rows. The rows of thread, work around in a spiral and every so often, changing directions, creating facets, patterns, and depth. These contrasting flows of colorful thread enhance the texture and mood of each dazzling image, creating a truly unique art form unto itself. There is no stitching involved in silk art creation; every piece is done entirely by hand, making each an original. Depending on the size, a single silk art creation requires 30 to over 320 hours of meticulous labor.

Prince Duncan-Williams has displayed his work across the nation at such esteemed galleries as the Getman Gallery in both their Venetian and The Fashion Show Mall locations. He has also displayed his work at The Time Gallery and The Edge Contemporary Gallery. Prince travels the nation bringing his masterpieces to fine art shows across the globe and has garnered numerous awards and accolades. His work continues to be admired by collectors from around the world.

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