Wednesday, 3 August 2011

BLACK STAR Magazine is my priority -right now

Working on soon to launch Black Star Magazine has and continues to be an eye opener. You really get to find out all our shortcomings as a people. There are so many people who claim to be fashion/accessories designer etc but when you look closer, they don’t have a blog site never mind a website that clearly states who they are, what they are selling and most importantly -where to buy it. I find all this shocking, tacky and hard work. I have been seriously tested this last couple of weeks -and its not been easy.

I’m wondering, would it ever be possible for businesses in Ghana to get their act together? I know from experience that its very expensive to pay for a website but I’m thinking that if you want to sell your goods [and I truly don’t believe that all businesses do] you will have to at least have a blog-site that you can put all your info, upload images of your designs, creations etc and most important as stated -a clearly stated address or website where one can purchase your goods.

I’m getting sick of businesses not writing press releases, mission statements or basic write up about their businesses. WHERE IS THE EXCELLENCE??? I can no longer investigate, search out, scrape pieces of little information together to big up a business because I want to celebrate them. So basically from now on unless you send me the correct information, which should include basic information, contact details and stockist details -I will not bother.

My priority is now BLACK STAR Magazine which is keeping me up at night...
Black Star magazine is the first high end glossy magazine for style conscious women and men of Ghanaian decent. Representing the aspirations, dreams and goals of the Ghanaian community, Black Star is full of interesting articles that go beyond the customary African or Black publications.

Aspirational and polished with cutting edge fashion, beauty, culture, travel, music, interiors, latest celebrity news and a comprehensive directory, Black Star is a wonderful celebration of all that is moving and shaping Ghana and the greater Ghanaian community -right now.

We want to get to know you and your organisation. We want to know about your upcoming events, your clients, important dates and to be added to your press list. Note, Black Star Magazine launches in November 2011 and offers the perfect platform -for businesses wanting to reach this successful, emerging and culturally conscious community. For more information about Black Star Magazine, sponsorship, adverting or to send us your latest press releases, kindly email.

Thus, if you’re an established business wondering how to reach luxury consumers in Ghana or the global Ghanaian community, or an individual with ideas and vision -after a collaboration with a luxe publication to garner you the right kind of exposure -contact Black Star.

We are interested in all MOVERS & SHAKERS including those who are: fashion designers, jewellery makers, handbag gurus, hairdressers, musicians, models, estate agents and individuals wishing to sell their properties in Ghana. If you have a film or retrospective, an upcoming launch party or an event you want to promote -get in touch.

For more information about Black Star magazine, sponsorship and advertising

opportunities or to send us your latest press releases, kindly email me, Paulina at: or

Kind Regards

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher

Black Star Magazine

People are talking about Black Star Magazine….
“After three years as the blogger behind the successful Ghana Rising Blog and brand, Opoku-Gyimah has taken a bold step and is turning Ghana Rising blog into a high fashion magazine that promises to add to the burgeoning luxury market in Ghana.” Luxury Magazine News

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