Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hot Blog Alert: Vanessa Sarpong’s blog is a must-visit…

“The Official Blog for Vanessa Sarpong aka Vinesse Vgramour, here you will be able to go with Vanessa on the journey, the journalistic journey which means music, fashion, art, films, news and much more. Everything Journalistic can be found here. Vanessa is a Newsreader and Producer for 107 Spark FM, the views expressed here are Vanessa's and not those of 107 Spark FM or its affiliates.” Vanessa Sarpong

I’ve had my eye on the ever beautiful and consummate blogger Vanessa Sarpong, -forever. I’m not a big fan but I make a habit of visiting Mz Sarpong’s blog as she has the most exquisite taste. A fabulous writer, her blog is an eclectic mix of fashion, quotes, wisdom and all of Vanessa’s yummy happenings. Do check it out at:

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