Friday, 20 January 2012

Aba (Kate Techie Menson) gets the cover of John Lewis Edition Magazine (UK)…

Minding my own business whilst shopping in Waitrose I spied their latest John Lewis Edition magazine (Issue Twelve) and was blown away by the beautiful black model on the cover…… She looked sooo much like my niece and my gut instinct was, –she’s most definitely Ghanaian, so I enquired further -and low and behold -she was credited as Aba at Zone models. So I visited Zone Models and the gorgeous Aba turned out to be our very own Kate Techie Menson –wow, I sooo didn’t recognise her!!!

I’m sooo proud of my namesake Aba and look forward to seeing more of her as her star rises –and hope that she also has plans for the Ghanaian fashion industry… For more information about Aba visit:

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