Monday, 30 January 2012

“Ever since I left Ghana I have missed the drums. The way some guy a few houses away might just pick one up and start to play, or kids across the street, or a funeral in full swing for the last couple of weeks. Here there is such silence it took a while to accept.” Catherine McNamara (Author & Blogger)

Catherine McNamara, “grew up in Sydney and studied visual communication and African and Asian modern history before moving to Paris. She worked in pre-war Mogadishu and later lived nine years in Accra, Ghana, where she ended up running a bar and traditional art gallery. She moved to northern Italy several years ago, where her jobs have included translating welding manuals and modelling shoes. She has impressive collections of African sculpture and Italian heels.” Her blog is fabulously eclectic, she has many interests and is littered with stories of time spent in Ghana -which makes for very yummy reading. Check out it out via:

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