Friday, 27 January 2012

Emerge Magazine (Ghana)

“We are a bi-monthly women's magazine that seeks to let your strength, beauty, and confidence Emerge…..Come forth, rise up, break through, Emerge.” Emerge Magazine

Just checking out my last remaining FaceBook account (I got rid of the one that had five thousand friends…it was no longer enjoyable and had to many jagger-jaggerness passing through it) and spied fashion designer Kayda Nana Afriyie Frimpong on the cover of Emerge Magazine -a publication that’s uber new to Ghana Rising’s radar..

I don’t know much about Emerge Magazine, I have never seen an ad or promotion, but I like the concept and as you all know, -I want to see more Ghanaian owned publications. Plus -the more the merrier, me thinks and because its also go for competition -as it makes publishers up their game and produce better magazines… For more information about Emerge Magazine visit:

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