Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Prostitution, Drugs, Detention Centres, Homelessness, Unemployment, Mental illness, Grinding Poverty, Deportation -and for some, Death: Who is educating Ghanaians about some of the realities of trying to make it in Europe?

“How you will imagine in Africa, is not how you will see it here [in Europe]” Emmanuel (Ghana)

“ I could see that I was trapped between my false expectations of Europe and the unrealistic expectations of my family.” Ssuuna Golooba (Journalist from Uganda)…

Surprising Europe: Taking the Leap

Surprising Europe: Hopes and Dreams

“God Blesses you but then you move……..To all Africans who want to come to Europe, it is not as easy as you think; it is hard work, education, God fearing and the Blessings of God.” Mr S K Osei (founder of Trans Africa Travels -Holland)

***This episode broke my heart and I pray things change for our brother Michael (and all others in his situation). I pray he stops feeling ashamed and that if things don’t change -for him to go back home. Ghanaians should applaud Michael for sharing his story -I don’t believe it was easy for him and his story should stand as a warning for all those who are fleeing Ghana for greener pastures.

Surprising Europe: Making Ends Meet

“How you will imagine in Africa, is not how you will see it here” Emmanuel (Ghana)

“African migrants in Europe have to deal with many obstacles when they are trying to meet the high expectations of their families. But the difficulty of life in Europe is not a message that people want to hear back in Africa.....Mobi and Emmanuel, both educated as draftsmen back in Ghana, now barely make a living parking cars on the streets of Valencia in Spain.

Sylvia came close to suicide when her experiences as an illegal migrant plunged her into serious depression. She has been living in the Netherlands illegally with her daughter for 15 years and is being evicted once again. She explains what it is like to live without papers, roaming from one place to another......Abu Imaro from Ghana was a professional footballer in Belgium and played for Dutch football club FC Utrecht. But his career in Europe ended after one year. Now he is starting a football school in Ghana.

Singer and guitarist Papy left Senegal in 1992 to tour with his band in Italy, singing about the hardships of life in Europe. He never returned and saw with his own eyes how Europe has become more and more intolerant towards migrants in the last 20 years.....And Ugandan reporter Ssuuna discovers that dogs in Europe sometimes have a better life than many African migrants.” Al Jazeera -Surprising Europe

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Emmanuel and Mobi’s story is heartbreaking and I pray for a real breakthrough for them and hope that others back home will take heed -and listen to their advice. Ghana Rising prays success and the realization of Abu Imaro’s much anticipated -football school in Ghana and applaud the wonderful Mr Francis Kumi for all he’s doing in the lives of these young Ghanaian footballers in Europe.. God Bless him.

Surprising Europe: Under pressure

“It is noteworthy to realise that they are all brought by often -very close relatives; aunties, sisters, brothers, family members and they’re … brought to be destroyed…..I’ve talked to many parents who say look if this girl is here, she going to be married anyway to a village guy who has nothing and they are going to just use her -so, why doesn’t she, if she has a chance to go abroad and make money -why not? So there are lots of factors involved here. And the bottom line is; un-survivor-able, grinding, inhuman, poverty! This is the bottom line.” Tom Manfu Pastor

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I applaud sister Rose from Nigeria, who was forced to work as a prostitute by a friend of the family -under the pretence of taking her to Rome to work as a cleaner -for sharing her story, its not easy but hopefully if it stops another girl from a similar fate, -it would not be in vain. I’m routing for her and believe that like the rest, this will be a testimony and the beginning of real breakthroughs in her life.

***Baba from Ghana visits the annual tomato fight in Bunol, Spain to witness a extraordinary Spanish tradition. I hope to see more reports from Baba..

Surprising Europe: Running out of luck

Surprising Europe: The Good Life

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: We are very proud of our very own 'Obama of Piran' Peter Bossman -and pray for his continued success.

Surprising Europe: Home Sweet Home

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  1. U'll neva see my ass in Europe..neva. i cn't stand that
    kind of humiliation. Europeans in Africa are treated as Tourists (even if they're not) while Africans in Europe are taken as Illegal immigrants. What a shame!!