Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Music: The Yaa Amponsah Movement -and the artists and countries it inspired…..

Ogyatanaa- Yaa Amponsah (Classic Ghanaian Highlife)

This is my absolute fave of all the Yaa Amponsah versions…. I still can’t get enough of it….

Mac Tontoh One-Year Tribute - Yaa Amponsah

This version is very sweet….

“According to my Ghanaian friend, the Yaa Amponsah rhythm is the root rhythm for all West and Central African pop. Many forget that highlife dominated Africa before the rumba Congolese.” Kenyatta Mineur (http://vibesdafrique.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=1&action=display&thread=5246)

Various Artistes - Yaa Amponsah Unplugged (Audio)

“Both old and new, all the 'Yaa Amponsah' highlife melodies you'll ever need in one place. Enjoy these heady compilation of the most famous highlife composition of all times.” Planetolusola (http://www.youtube.com/user/planetolusola)

Track Lisitng:
00:00 Queen Oladunni Decency (Nigeria) - Yaa Amponsah Guitar Intro
00:48 Kwame Asare - Ghana (1945)
03:32 E.T. Mensah (Ghana)
06:10 Congo Abana Band with Piccolo Pete Sunday - Sierra Leone (1948)
08:45 African Brothers Band International (Ghana)
16:45 Victor Olaiya (Nigeria)
19:37 Jolly Orchestra, Nigeria (1955)
22:18 Ogyatanaa Show Band - Ghana (1960's)
27:03 Koo Nimo - Yaa Amposah (Ghana)
32:03 Ebo Taylor and Ambolley - Bosue! Yaa Amponsah Life (Ghana)

Credit & Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjukI10JpBo

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: A big thanks to Planetolusola for this superb compilation -it’s a historical journey of Yaa Amponsah fabulousness, my only fear is…..some young up-starts will Azonto it (laughter)!!! -Actually that would be great -and will help to introduce this fabulous piece of music to a new generation.

Yaa amponsah with sebene

Kwame Asare: 01 - Yaa Amponsah Pt 1


Koo Nimo - Yaa Amposah

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