Monday, 16 January 2012

Gillean Opoku puts Australians of African descent on the map….

THE AFROKLECTIC PROJECT: Experiential Research from AFROKLECTIC on Vimeo.

I spoke to the ever fabulous Gillean Opoku a hundred years ago and she didn’t disappoint, I on the other hand might have disappointed her (laughter).. Honestly if it wasn’t for Gillean Opoku the founder of Afroklectic and Love Kyei the founder of, ‘Makings of Me’ ( I soooo wouldn’t know what black folks in Australia are up to with regards to lifestyle/popular culture etc.

Anyway since I spoke to Ms Opoku -she’s grown from strength-to-strength and is the go-to-person on all things ‘black Australian’ for the world’s media (I kid you not)…and I’m sooo proud of her…. Go Gillean Opoku ….I’m loving her surname by the way….. You can find out more about the above video clip via:   -and keep up with all of Gillean Opoku’s fabulous fashionable happenings via her blog, ‘Afroklectic’at:

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