Saturday, 17 May 2014

Beauty: Is Ghanaian songstress Eazzy launching her own lipstick line?

"Laaaddiieeesss #EazzyStick Lipstick is almost ready for yal ..but yrr view matters! Out of these 6 colours which would u love to rock and for what sort of ocassion and why . For the men ..which would you love to see ya sister / girlfriend / lover wear ? Drkp ya comments.. #YourViewMatters! 1) HOT PINK


Paulina says: I'm going to be brutally honest, Accra based urban artist Eazzy is not La Ghana Rising Blog material, a bit tooooooo, tooooooooooo toooooooo local for me -but as you all know I love business and got a wiff of news that said songstress was about to launch something sooo I visited her facebook page (at least she has one, many Ghanaian celebrities don't have anything) -and low-and-behold I stumbled across the above info and its possible that she's about to launch her own line of make-up or ---just a lipsticks line to start with.

Whatever Eazzy is doing --its fabulous and I wish her all the best. I pray Eazzy might break the mould and not just sell to her fans, or the converted as I call them.

I hope she ups the ante and gets a PR firm behind her and goes big with her brand and marketing -I just don't know why Ghanaians are sooooooooo content with soooo little -and their visions starts and ends with just those they know!!!

Anywayssssssssss good luck to Eazzy, -make-up is soooo elegant, I am sooo surprised!!!!! For more info about Eazzy visit:


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  2. I hope so too with her getting a good PR team to brand, promote and market her entire self and her new up coming lipstick business

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