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Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2014: the Good, the weave and the polyester..... Red Carpet Looks.......

The best dressed of the night goes to these two lovely ladies above!!! -Sorry I don't know their names but they look fabulous (and clean and fresh)...


Deborah Vanessa

Paulina says: Deborah Vanessa is one of the most stylish women in Ghana, but lately, I don't know what it is -but she's been getting experimental and it sometimes doesn't work, like the look above.

The thing is...... if you look at the pieces she's wearing separately, each is really quiet lovely but thrown together -and worn with pop socks and court shoes ---is just wrong!!!

Her lovely face, cute figure and smile as always --are winners but she must leave this little-bow-peep meets Snow White meets Cinderella meets Dorothy alone -she is not a cartoon figure but a grown arse stylish woman.

Deborah Vanessa gets an OK


Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia


Paulina says: I love fragrant socialite Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia -don't you? Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia, I love her name tooo, is always soooo well turned out and clean...and smooth!!!!

The thing truly doesn't matter whether electricity is on in Ghana's capital Accra or not, ---whether water is flowing or not, ----La Giaccaglia never disappoints.

Sticking to her well groomed, cute as a button, lovely smile, glossy, clean 'all-mine-own hair' styleee, well it isn't broke, --Ms Andrea who choose this cute dress by Duaba Serwa looked a treat, and should be the bench mark for all those wanting to get it right next year.

Andrea Manuela Giaccaglia gets top marks.....

**Ps --Has Ms Giaccaglia blocked me on FB? Well if she has -she will not be first (laughter). I guess once Bella whatever starts writing about u -small Ghanaian bloggers no longer matter, can you imagine?. Still love her though (laughter).


Joselyn Dumas

Paulina says; This is a lovely day dress -fab for a lunch date or a day at the races -say, but sooo not dressy enough for a Music Awards ceremony.

Yes sister Joselyn Dumas's hips don't lie -and don't we all know it ---but I miss her more subtle sexy dresses.

Where have all those LBD's, elegant evening gowns and structured pieces gone?

All we get now -are what I call arse dresses, not that its bad -you hear, only, I'm over it. Plus, now that Peace Hyde is doing this 'LOOK' our Joselyn Dumas must do more high-end-high-fashion, more sophisticated, more structured looks.

Still, I'm soooo loving Joselyn Dumas's uber on-trend sexy studded Valentino sling-backs thus --she wins best shoe of the night.

Joselyn Dumas gets a fabulous OK.

Paulina says: I wrote a piece way back about the fashion and beauty transformation of Mzbel --and never got the chance to post --thus, I'm pleased to have the opportunity to share just how pleased I am to see this still-not-there-yet ---hopeful future stylish musician really upping her game in terms of her garb/skin/make-up and putting her best foot forward.

The thing is, Mzbel has never reallly been on Ghana's best dressed list has she? Her blotchy skin, rough 80's make-up and local gal hairstyles and shiny shiny maame, maame dresses can be found all over the internet -thus for some, it doesn't matter what she does -she will always be that JJC (Jackie Just Come) 'local' gal!!!

 --But I'm impressed with her transformation ---and this blingy dress which fits her like a glove. It shows off her lovely figure, remember Mzbel had a baby last year -so clap for her!!!!

La Bel's make-up isn't perfect, her eyebrows are typically Ghanaian and painted on (mercy), the pearly pink lipstick is still a cause for concern but, she does appear for the first time in her life to have OK skin, ---like it could be smooth!!!

Basically, Mzbel looks clean -and washed, something that must be achieved if you want to look good. She must really aim for that groomed to within an inch of her life look --like rich women do, next year!!!!

Mzbel get an: OK



Paulina says: I don't know what it is but like Eazzy, Efya never looks groomed or smooth. I don't know what it is --but she always looks kind of 'local', ---its possible she might just have to sort out her skin, still there does appear to be something of a fashion metamorphosis going on -as she's been clever enough to hook up with Ghana's premier stylists, House of Cramer.

Its been very hard to find a photo of Ms of Efya on her own at said event -she doesn't have an image of herself alone on the VGMA red carpet on her Facebook fan page (????) but you can see a fab one via House of Cramer's Instagram page.

Anywaysssssssssss Efya who wore a fierce corset by Accra based fashion label Pistis and sexy trousers by Bakers-Woode looked OK on the night.

It was a lovely trendy look but I wasn't loving her hair, I wish she would smooth out her edges, and opted for a more glamorous dress, still -this is the best I've ever seen her.

Efya gets a fierce OK and a stylish well done.


Sandra Ankobiah

Paulina says: Sandra Ankobiah is a star, and has been on La Ghana Rising Blog's best dressed list forever -and rightly sooo, but this dress, --well the bottom half with its heavy man-made lace-curtain thingy that aspires to be tulle is a -mess.

Sandra Ankobiah as always kept it simple (something we must all do), but she should have demanded that the designer behind this dress uses a cream or the same colour as the top half, in the most delicate 'real' silk tulle to finish the bottom half of this could-have-been-gorgeous dress before she wore it..

Ms Sandra's hair also looks ok!! Of late, she's been sporting a big head of weaves, sooo I'm happy she put opted to put her hair up her (and away), as it softens her face and jawline and lets her face breathe (and we all need to breathe don't we)!!! Her make-up as always -was lovely and she looked happy.

Sandra Ankobiah gets an OK.



Mimi Divalish

Paulina says: I have a soft spot for Ms Mimi and would love to see more of her in Ghana's errrmmm music industry!!!

For me, Paulina Nana Aba, ---there has always been something very aspirational and somewhat elegant about La Divalish.

If you look closely at Mimi she always [even if its not executed properly] knows what suits her shape -remember most don't.

Also, Mimi is soooo on-point with her pointy silver shoes and clutch -go gal, but  ---I'm a bit disappointed, I was hoping Ms Divalish who has a 'face' was still sporting her lovely natural short hairstyle.

Anywaysssss, I love this outfit and feel if she still had her short natural hairdo, --would have been the best dressed on the night, --instead this Maame water weave is drowning her and leaving her without a neck, but note ---from the shoulders down, -Ms Mimi looks fab.

Mimi Divalish gets a lovely OK.



Paulina says: I sort of recognised MzVee from a Ghana based girl band that I blogged about years ago, but couldn't quite remember her name -but now I know (and sooo do you) ---plus, she rocks -no? 

Part of a growing number of Ghana's returnee haute young things running Accra, -songstress Vee's Afro-tastic hair and make-up are fierce!!!!

With regards to the whole look, I feel La Vee gets it and is carrying what I believe is a YSL chain bag (lush) and statement watch, but the dress, even though it fits her sexy shape like a glove, and looks good from afar ---should have been made from a more expensive elegant natural fabric.

That shiny, shiny --'dancing with the stars' market bought material, just look at the bottom half (mercy), has practically eaten that dress alive!!!! Still, I wanna see more of this future style maven.

MzVee gets a lovely Ok...


Marian Toure, MultiTV presenter

Paulina says: I love beautiful MultiTV presenter, Marian Toure. She is one of the few professional women on Ghana television who always looks lovely and well groomed.

With her pretty clear skin, fab soft dark glossy hair, fresh make-up and gorgeous smile, Ms Toure never disappoints, but I wish she had opted for a longer, much dressier dress for said event.

-Still I'm thankful she didn't feel the need to add polyester net curtains to the bottom of her dress -as was the theme of the night.

Marian Toure gets a lovely OK.


Paulina says: I don't know much about Regina, but she really is 'an' all-Ghanaian-gal -no?? The drawn on eyebrows,  and errrm big, big reddish brown, wavy fake side parted weave thingy, --I just wonder , -how many bundles of hair was need for this errrm look?

Anywaysssss, I would have love to see the complete look, her figure looks to die for and she has a lovely smile ---plus, I bet, like all Ghanaian women, -she has the most beautiful, healthy, glossy black hair underneath all that Maame water weave...

Presenter Regina gets an OK.




Nana Ama McBrown

Paulina says: I think Nana Ama McBrown had one of those 'moments' -you know the ones, where you're just about to leave your house and you notice your must-wear shiny, shiny stretchy polyester  body-con dress is far tooo short -but you just don't have the time or 'a' second good dress to put on --soo you pick up a pretty lace wrap, cover your nash and strut (note it takes a lot of balls to do this)!!!!

Anywayssssss as I love national treasure Nana Ama, plus she was involved in a car accident last year ---I'm just going to let her do whatever she wants.....goodness knows she always does. Plus that weight loss (clap for her), her lovely soft smooth skin, cute make-up, gorgeous smile --and her hair isn't tooo bad, --so good for her, but next year Ms Ama must approach Ghana's premier stylists, House of Cramer and up her game.

Nana Ama McBrown gets an ok.....


Eazzy -co-host of this years Ghana Music Awards 2014 (VGMA)


Paulina says: Eazzy is a 'one' isn't she? It doesn't matter what she wears or does to her face or hair -she always looks like a local gal -no?

From the blotchy skin, a skin that's very much part of the ---is she/ isn't she bleaching debate, to that over processed damaged hair, always bleached to within an inch of its life, with desperate dark roots or village gal plaits --why?

Eazzy has such a lovely figure and should have skin as smooth as butter (there are numerous spas offering facials and what-have-yous in Ghana -no?) ---but she just never hits the smooth 'groomed' mark!!!

Still she looks OK in the above black and gold Ophelia Crossland gown.

Note, I'm not up-close-and personal but from here (UK) I can tell that the dress is made from man-made fabrics!!!!

Her make-up looks ok but I can bet ya-bottom-dollar that up-close-and personal, its just not the case.

Her hair can do with some treatment -or maybe she should cut it and start again (this will leave her hair dark, healthy, glossy and lovely).
Eazzy gets an OK



Joyce Blessing

Paulina says: Ghanaian gospel artist Joyce Blessing is new to La Ghana Rising Blog's yummy radar -and I wonder why!!!
Like most in the public eye in Ghana -Joyce Blessing is not an innately stylish women and is a ubiquitous lover of stretchy man-made fabric dresses. Why one of these persona's can't just take some silk or delicate silk tulle or lace or satin to their seamstress (everybody has one in Ghana) -and have something beautiful that fits perfectly made--I will never know???

Anywayssss, I like-ish her make-up, and her skin looks ok even though some concealer would have been perfect under her eyes, ----but her hair, this local gal OTT (over the top) weave on thingy especially this side-parting 'look' that many LOVE in Ghana ---is slowing making me loose my will to live. It looks like it has been thrown on her head -and needs re-adjusting!!!! Spy also --those 80's Dynasty was sooo good-to-me earrings ---they really are ---toooo much!!!!

In fact all the accessories worn by Ms Blessing are a no, no. All those small, small cheap bangles cheapen what already appears to be a high-street 'fancy' dress.

What sister Joyce needs --is one huge diamante bracelet or one real, bold haute gold bangle (Ghana is the land of gold after all) and a real leather or plain silk satin  clutch' -this heavy metallic wannabe leatherette clutch thingy is only good for girls under the age of 18 or a village funeral.

I can also tell from London (mercy) that this red dress is made from man-made lace, thus has that net curtain look soooo familiar and popular at Ghanaian/African gatherings.

Note, a fabulously designed/well cut/sewn dress made from ordinary Ghanaian wax print cotton cloth would have been more beautiful than this shiny, shiny, stretch polyester lacy dress thingy. Mercifully I can't see her sandals properly thus I'll leave it here.

Joyce Blessing get an OK.


Yvonne Okoro

Paulina says: I've been fighting with myself to keep our Yvonne Okoro off this post -as I just don't have anything nice to say about this look -but I couldn't!!!

Not only does Ms Okoro look uncomfortable, but I bet, just looking at this photo -that she spent the whole night pulling at this dress!!!

Tight and heavy, with big wiggy hair and squashed 'lady lumps' ---doesn't compared to how awkward Yvonne looks, plus, the dress should and would have been much longer on a less curvaceous gal -and leaves La Okoro looking short and bigger than she actually is.. Thus, I'm a bit disappointed -Ms Okoro normally gets it right!!!!

Yvonne Okoro gets a better luck next year!!!!

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