Monday, 5 May 2014

Music: Kwaadee heats up Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2014....

Grace in Action: Some people are sooo loved, sooo relevant, they can do most things -and we'll love them -regardless. Big love to Kwaadee -the highlight of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2014.

I must take this opportunity to thank Joy News on Sky 290 for bring coverage of Ghana Music Awards 2014 and I Rep Ghana (above video clip) for sharing said event -stopping it from becoming a 'local thing', we Ghanaians can be found in every country in the world -you know!!!!

Anywayssssss, its good to see Kwaadee doing his thing -no? He really is like family, there is sooo much love for this brother, regardless of what a few rotten apples say!!!

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