Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How perfect is this poppy from my garden?

Paulina says: Waiting needn't be scary. The yummy work (beyond creative -and inspiring) that's been sustaining me and mine for the past something year and a half has just come to an end (what you thought I was a spy or was living off one of those La Ghana's government sika contracts -nope, I'm not that girl -I fear God).

And While three or two years ago this would have sent me crazy -I am no longer afraid. The world feels like my oyster -Amen and I'm excited. I can do anything -and I will by God's glorious grace -but in the meantime I'll freelance and just be open to whatever.  Plus, I think its time for inspiration and more culture and hopefully --travel (and money) I miss it soooo.

Anywaysssss, I'm pleased to hear many of those celebrated on La Ghana Rising Blog are about to birth all sorts of new businesses -and services and I'm excited and will endeavour to keep you posted.

Oh before I forget, how beautiful is the above poppy which sits on a mish mash of old glossies on top of my vintage cabinet? Its soooo breathtakingly beautiful -I hope it lasts forever...

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