Thursday, 15 May 2014

Best Friends Forever (BFFs), Ghana style....

Paulina says: One is an actress, the other a TV and radio personality! One is a pin-up, the other fell from grace and rose like a Phoenix from the ashes of controversy over a male musician revealing his manhood on her show!!!

One is caught up in a, "Is she/isn't she bleaching her skin" debate that appears to have no boarders, with said persistent rumour travelling from Ghana to Nigeria via the UK and the States, and the other is known for taking no prisoners on her talk show.

Both are apparently single. Both are powerful female figures -very much at the top of their game in our sweet motherland Ghana.

Both are beloved controversial figures. Both have their own fashion boutiques and are admired for their savvy attitudes, ---sooooooooooooo why can't the Ghanaian public accept that these two women are friends?

Why are certain members of middle Ghana finding it hard to believe Delay and actress Yvonne Nelson are genuine friends or that their 'new' friendship will last? Class? Maybe, maybe not!!!

While Yvonne Nelson with her model figure is seen as belonging to Ghana's glitterati class -with its exclusivity and direct links to its upper classes and ultimately the government ---beloved but aspirational Delay is still seen as 'on-her-way-up' -no?

The thing is everywhere else in the world, -Ghana has its subtle but rigid class system sooo tightly in place that truth be told; folk would rather see actress Yvonne Nelson faking a friendship with former BFF, socialite/lawyer/TV presenter/girlfriend of magazine magnate etc, etc Sandra Ankobiah, Esq -than be seen with Delay who sells tin mackerels!!!

While Yvonne Nelson may be Ghana's darling with her model good looks and brown skin, and real designer clothes and successful celebrity boyfriends, -to Ghana's moral elite, ladies-who-lunch and Chanel-bag-swinging-government-contract-holders, Delay is that girl who sells tin mackerels -no????

Appearing not content with her talk show, her boutique and her mackerels --Delay moving with or according to some, social climbing with Ghana's princess-diva-actress and fragrant style icon seems to have gotten some folks' goat!!!

Delay climbing (can you imagine) outside her box or station or area or place -there, her place ---seems to have rattled some -and worried others in equal measures.

Her fans might be worried that her friendship will go the way of Sandra Ankobiah, Esq etc etc as Ms Nelson is rumoured to make and drop friends in minutes, but some also feel Delay is using said actress to get closer to others in the industry. But how can this be true when Delay has practically interviewed most of the big players that make up Ghana's music and film industry? 

Nope, what I think is going on is ----middle Ghana like middle America and middle England --has a problem with two Alpha females getting along.

The thought of two powerful women, with loads in common by the way, getting along, not fighting, not using their egos against each other, not playing bitchy games --is just tooo much for some to handle -and what a shame!!!!

Yes, there might be that class thingy but what the hell is class in 2014? Also, from what I can see -Yvonne might be dressed to kill now-a-days, but I remember five years ago when the same couldn't be said -and that's not a bad thing, because, as people make it and make more money they naturally dress better -no? Mark it on the wall, watch as Delay starts to metamorphosis from carrying wannabe leatherette 'Pri-ma-ni' handbags to real leather designer handbags!!!!

Also, aren't the same people claiming Yvonne Nelson and Delay are different people, -the same -people who were taking the p**s out of Ms Nelson when she was allegedly taken to court by fashion house Louis Vuitton for carrying fake LV bags? And as for the lesbian rumours -really Ghanafua, really? Why can't two powerful women at the top of their games be friends without any palaver? I like these ladies, I respect their business savvy and sass and wish them the best, --and soooo should you. xx

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