Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fashion designer Adrien Sauvage is voted one of Shortlist magazine‘s ‘2012’s Best of British (Stars of the future)

“Its all about roll necks this year.” Adrien Sauvage

Shortlist magazine: Was there a standout moment of 2011 for you?
Adrien Sauvage: Yeah, directed a short film [This Is Not A Suit] that went to Sundance Film Festival. I did a photography essay in Ghana. I hadn’t been there in 11 years. I shot all my family members. Now I’m opening my shop, The House A Sauvage, in 2012.

Shortlist magazine: Is there anyone you haven’t styled that you’d like to?
Adrien Sauvage: My dad. He’s in Ghana at the moment, and since I got my new collection up and running [Dress Easy], I made him a couple of pieces. When I look back on photos of him from the seventies, he was doing what I’m doing now.

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