Thursday, 16 February 2012

Object of Desire: The ACCRAdotAlt T-shirt

“What is ACCRA [dot] Alt? Simply, alternative. We advocate for art that is unconventional and outside the mainstream. We are artistes on the margins comprised of a community of filmmakers, writers, musicians, intellectuals, painters, performance artistes, activists, graphic designers and fashion designers who are united by our desire to be different. To express ourselves on our own terms. To be as creative, daring and brilliant as we possibly can. We pride ourselves on being self-determined with a Do-It-Yourself approach to art—to inform, persuade and involve others in this dynamic process of artistic expression. We are happily independent—accountable only to ourselves and one another. Are you also different, uncharacteristically other and proud to be so? If so, join our movement.” ACCRAdotAlt

For more info visit:!/ACCRAdotAlt

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