Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Objects of Desire: The Akan Tableware Collection by EBOTAN INTERIORS

A hundred years ago I was looking for funding to set up my fashion line, NanaAba69 and I was told that unless I wanted to set up an NGO, or open a hairdressers or restaurant -they couldn’t help me -and I raged-against-the-machine!!! At the time (has anything changed??) -the belief was that black people couldn’t successfully run any other businesses apart from the aforementioned and so no bank or Development agencies would lend to a person of colour doing a business outside of said boxes!!! -And …. I think that’s why I celebrate inspired, innovative black businesses, especially the ones that I…. fantasized about like Cameroonian, Maryland based -interior designer, Josiane Raphael of EBOTAN INTERIORS.

EBOTAN INTERIORS is high-end and offers: Architecture and Interior Design, Home staging for sale, Custom window treatments, Colour and finish consultations, Furniture selection, Fabric and upholstery selection, Architectural and custom lighting, Artwork and accessory choices, Sustainable design solutions and much more. EBOTAN INTERIORS also has an array of soft furnishings and crockery sets inspired by various African tribes for sale. The above, the Akan Tableware Collection is my favourite and not just because of the obvious, but its elegant and will go well with my interiors.

As for my fashion label, -I got a loan from The Prince’s Trust, launched -sold the my pieces via Camden market, managed to get a few celebrities to wear them, got it into a few publications including Elle magazine -and then was unable to supply errrrmmm Britain’s most fashionable high street store -as I couldn’t do ‘volume’ …but I had a fabulous time and I’m full of advice -if anyone wants any… about the do’s and don’t in the clothing industry…

I’m truly inspired by Josiane Raphael and her uber successful business -EBOTAN INTERIORS and pray continued success and expansion. To purchase The Akan Tableware Collection visit: http://www.ebotan.com/

Do check out her FaceBook fan page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ebotan-by-Josiane-Raphael/229930317074254

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