Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Rawlings Sisters: Ghana’s stylish former First Daughters are Ghana’s first real debutantes…..

Some years back (I think it was 2008 -don’t quote me), I saw some lovely photographs of Senegalese musician Youssou Ndour’s beautiful daughter, Sokhna Ndour at the uber lush annual Crillon Ball -held at the plush Hotel de Crillon, in Paris, France. I believe the following year, Autumn Whitaker the beautiful daughter of actor and director, Forest Whitaker was there -and as far as I know they are the only two black debutantes ever chosen (to date ) to attend said ball. And it got me thinking… we [Ghana] have any special princesses of our own???

Racking my brain…. …who in our community has the gravitas (think daughters of: multi-millionaires, inventors, publishing gurus, uber musicians, hot fashion designers, philanthropists, celebrities et al)? They would have to be uber special and have a glamorous background etc…and obviously a princess born to uber stunning international couple Sulley and Menaye Muntari would be perfect to represent Ghana but she hasn’t been born yet…

Racking my brain…. …I thought of actress and daughter of ex-prime minister of Ghana Kofi Abrefa Busia, -Akosua Busia. Her beautiful daughter with American film director, John Singleton -Hadar is perfect ..but too young for now… Then I thought of serious sika people and billionaire publishing guru, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter came to mind.. Elisabeth Murdoch was once married to publisher Elkin Kwesi Pianim who is also the son of uber economist and financier Andrews Kwame Pianism -and they have two beautiful children called Cornelia (born 1994 in New York), and Anna (born 1997 in London). Of course they would be perfect to represent Ghana but ….try finding a photograph of them -they are probably the most shielded kids on planet earth… not that I have a problem with that, as far as I’m concerned, there are too many celebrity children out there -unprotected…

Then I saw the above photograph of the Rawlings sisters and that was it!!! Ghana has two serious contenders for the next Crillon Ball!!! We don’t have a society magazine in Ghana -yet (you’ll have to wait for Black Star magazine) so its very difficult to work out which sister is which but I’m guessing neither of these two beautiful former first daughters are (I believe) the Rawlingses’ first daughter, -Dr Ezenator, so I’m guessing; the princess on the left is Yaa Asantewaa Rawlings (who looks very much like her mother) and Amina Rawlings is to the right (if I’m wrong -please get in touch and let me know). Anyway ..these girls are uber special and beautiful -with that all important socialite thingy.. -clear skin, style and class. And in a society saturated with celebrities wearing cheap market woman red/blonde/light brown lace front fake hair, Tema gals false eyelashes, over the top make-up and weird polyester clothes/fake leather shoes -these girls are a lessen in scrubbed up, polished, pared down elegant dressing. Please note,. Its nothing to do with their wealth or parents -they are just innately stylish and go way beyond the usual Ghanaian socialite! Ghana Rising is watching and predicts -a fabulously bright future for them!! Could Ghana have its first set of home-grown international fashion stars in its mist??? . …Ghana Rising thinks sooo -so watch this space!!!

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