Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hot Blog Alert: A Few of my Favourite Things

"Wore lipstick for the first time last Sunday to wasn’t that bad.. but i felt like everyone was watching me….. lol and of course i added a thrifted brooch to my outfit." Abena

"I attended my church annual Christmas banquet on Saturday. This is what I donned for the occasion. The whole ensemble is very retro and classy;I spent less than 30 dollars on this look." Abena

"This what a I wore to church today. The whole outfit was thrifted at one of my favourite store. I am wearing a vintage leather skirt which was thrifted for 5.99, vintage Christian Doir top 2.99 [50 percent of that :)].The bag and shoes were also thrifted for 5.99 each." Abena

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I don’t know much about Abena the stylish God fearing fashionista behind this must-read blog -but I love it… From her love of God and fashion to the earrings she makes using Ghana clothe -Abena blog is uber captivating and dare I say it….addictive. Abena is very sweet and we have sooo much in common. The thing is….from the moment my mother allowed me to dress myself -I fell in love with second-hand shops -and they became my dressing up boxes… Over the years I found some real gems, and even though I lost about 300 pieces last year when my Jojo and I were forced to vacate his childhood home -I still have a substantial collection. I have found over the years -that true fashionistas; truly stylish women -all start out in thrift stores and I have yet to meet a good fashion designer who hasn’t been inspired by garments bought and found in said shops… The best look is to mix thrift shop gems with high street and quality designer statement pieces -and I believe Abena does this perfectly. You can keep up with all of Abena’s fashionable happenings via:

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