Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hot blog Alert: Cobbie Yates

" is a space created by a stylist to present his current work and credits in the Fashion industry. This site covers aspects of Cobbie’s life in the form of a blog, where his photography highlights other projects worked on in : Television, PR and Events management. Photography is shot predominantly by him, Close friends and work associates. The blog documents his experiences in his hometown London, England and the world through his eyes. Cobbie’s thoughts and interests on the blog explore style + trend with particular interest circling menswear. Armed with his Camera, no corner of the world is safe.” Cobbie Yates

Fashion/Celebrity stylist and blogger Cobbie Yates looks familiar -right? I stumbled across his aptly named blog ‘Cobbie Yates’ -its packed to the rafters with his celebrity mates back in 2010 and was uber impressed! This Edward Eninnful in the making has styled some of the hottest celebrities on the planet including: Justin Bieber, still…. I couldn’t quiet shake of the feeling, …he looked sooo familiar -its only now that I’m thinking….. I wonder if he’s Reggie Yates’ brother???? Regardless this young man’s style and an eye for detail and I’d love to work with him.. You can follow Mr Yates’ fashionable happenings via:

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