Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ghana to play Mali for third place -tonight….

My son and I have been very quiet of late (due to our disappointment with the African Cup of Nations 2012) and have our fingers crossed for tonight’s game against Mali! After the Zambia defeat -I guess it would be silly to take it for granted that we can beat the Malians easily!!!!! Anyway, whatever the outcome we are proud of our boys -the Black Stars of Ghana and we are behind them 120% ……

The following clip is the Ghana V Zambia and its not easy ooOOOo -nor are some of the comments… They.... I suggest are still worth reading, -if only to see for yourselves the jealousy and contempt some of our fellow Africans feel towards us [Ghanaians]….-our growing prosperity and significance in the world. It feels like we’re the Jews of Africa, favoured by God and dislike by some. Surely its not our fault if we are/were the favourites???? Anyway…. may we continue to humble ourselves -so that we can go on enjoying God’s favour -Amen!!!

You can read all about the Ghana V Zambia via:

An interesting quote.......
“Good luck in the finals Zambia, but lets not be foolish. Ghana was far superior in the match. You are a shadow in comparison to the skill level of the Blackstars. This is not hating, it is fact. Ghana was unlucky not to score from the penalty let alone from open play after breaking down your defence repeatedly throughout the match. Hats off to the Zambian Goalkeeper. The early goal would have been devastating to your Team as you could not match the level of Ghana's play, but it is done.” Viewegra (taken from YouTube)

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  1. I am a soccer player and a crazy Chelsea fan.Am not coming from a place of Cameroonian and we didnt make it to the cup and am okay with that because we have been playing crappy football...I watched both the zambia and mali games. I was rooting for ghana...I want Cote' d'ivoire to win the CUP but i was hoping the final will be them against Ghana. Those 2 teams deserved to win against Ghana. I feel perhaps like Cameroon has felt in the past, Ghana came in thinking the other teams will not put up a fight. Go back and watch Ghana's performance in the last world cup and watch how they played in the ACN. Day and Night. There was ZERO passion from the black stars:(. The deserving teams won fair and square.