Saturday 25 February 2012

Italian-Ghanaian filmmaker Fred Kudjo Kuwornu's ‘18 IUS SOLI’ documentary addresses citizenship in Italy…..

Italian-Ghanaian producer-writer-director, Fred Kuwornu of 'Buffalo Soldiers’ fame’s documentary titled ‘18 IUS SOLI’ -which examines the law that deny citizenship to young people born in Italy of immigrant parents, because they have no Italian blood is riveting. His passion is clear to see and I truly hope -it inspires some dialogue in the upper echelon of the Italian government..

YouTube Link:

Fred Kuwornu’s award winning feature film, 'Buffalo Soldiers’ Trailer

You can buy and read more about filmmaker Fred Kuwornu’s award winning feature film, 'Buffalo Soldiers’ -“the story of the 92nd Buffalo Division, the all African American segregated combat unit that fought with outstanding heroism in Italy during the Second World War” via:


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