Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Get yourself a cuppa at ‘Cuppa Cappuccino’ Accra, Ghana……

“A great place for light lunches and gourmet coffees. We make the best sandwiches in town!” Cuppa Cappuccino

“This is our Cappuccino Breakfast Burger. What's in there? Cheddar cheese melted directly onto the burger meat, a sunny side up egg with crispy, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and our in house honey mustard dressing.” Cuppa Cappuccino



Photo: © Copyright 2011, Steve Ababio Photography
Food Stylist: Franka Maria Andoh

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I know that like me, many of you want to return home [Ghana/Africa], set-up your own businesses and live-the-dream. The following text is about and written by the uber humble and inspiring Franka Maria Andoh, the fabulous lady behind Cuppa Cappuccino and its makes for very inspirational reading. Be inspired, go for it!!!


Franka Maria Andoh

"I remember the days in London, working in the catering department of Fulham Council Hall, churning out salads and sandwiches and hating it. I wanted a job on the high streets so bad. I envisaged myself behind a perfume counter, made up to the hilt, Fashion Fair of course, and spraying mists of scent onto the soft, outstretched pulses of other women. I never got a sales job, but I learnt how to make a mean trifle and little sandwiches on doilies and silver trays that went up to council members. I imagined them upstairs munching through ham and cheese sandwiches whilst deciding whether the council budget could include temps next year. Going to college you'll work anywhere I guess, you might hate the job, but you'll do the work. What a relief then when I started working in administration, got to wear suits and have more responsibility than I'd ever dreamed off. Little black girl in England.

Then years later I'm back to Ghana with the required education to get a good job and what do I do? I decide there's no place that I find cosy enough to chill out with a book, all by myself without being stared at. I open a coffee shop and make sandwiches. It's tough to start with but after many years, I realise that the job I hated, but did well at, is now what I enjoy doing for a living. It's not a bad living. Allowing me to be creative in many ways, I'm my own boss and I can write!

One afternoon, I get a call that Wole Soyinka is having a sandwich at Cuppa, Palpitating, I speed back to find him with a group, sitting in the corner of our big area, well positioned, where his intelligent, absorbent writer's eyes can see everything and everyone.

 He agreed he would take a picture with my little girl, she was reluctant. "Go," I hissed. I knew she would not understand, why she had to go and stand beside a slim man in a waistcoat sporting an electric silver Afro. She went. Mama had commanded. I stood and smiled at both of them, and it dawned on me how I had lured two kings to my restaurant. The King of Glo and King Soyinka, for they are both royalty to me. I had lured them (and many others) there because I had learnt how to make a good sandwich. We're not always where we think we deserve to be... but maybe the reward comes much, much later." Franka Maria Andoh

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m inspired, I want to know more. I’m thinking Franka Maria Andoh needs to write a book about her incredible business journey [thus far], to inspire the rest of us to go for it; -honestly, millions will buy her book..

Anyway, Cuppa Cappuccino situated just off Volta Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana is a must on your next visit to Ghana… For more information about Cuppa Cappuccino visit: http://cuppacappuccino.com/

****Credit: All Photos come courtesy of Cuppa Cappuccino


  1. Another place to try when I'm back in Accra!

  2. Looks like a very cool spot - very very writerly! Good luck Franka!

  3. Awesome post. Love Cuppa for so many reasons. Franka is such an inspiration.