Thursday, 1 November 2012

Photography: Nana Adwoa Woempiro

I don’t know if it’s the jewel like colours, the carnival verve or the way photographer Nana Adwoa Woempiro has manage to capture her subject, director/producer Ohemaa’s beautiful chocolate smooth skin or maybe all the above, -but I’m loving her style/work and want to see more.

Lighting is always a problem with regards to Ghanaian photographers -but this new talent has no such problems -thus, Ghana Rising wants to encourage Nana Adwoa Woempiro to continue, work with the best, models (real models), MUAs (make-up artists), hairstylists, fashion designers and fashion stylists to do more shoots. I truly believe that Nana Adwoa Woempiro has an eye for details -just what is needed for high-fashion photography… and can do exploits in this field. I look forward to more from this must-watch photographer….

For more info about photographer Nana Adwoa Woempiro visit: -to book/enquire about Nana Adwoa Woempiro email:

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