Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Bongani Jewels…….

Here to show you our latest addition to the Bongani line - our handmade gift box! This item is complimentary when purchasing Limited Edition designs, and can also be acquired for an extra fee with any other purchases too :-)
Like any other Bongani products, every single one of these boxes is handmade in Ghana and comes with a white and black logo - We hope you like it!
♥ Bongani Jewels
1.2 Carat Indian Diamond pavé bead

 1.2 Carat Indian Diamond pavé beads in 8 and 10mm

Black Diamond pavé beads in 8 and 10mm and also in 12 and 10mm

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: adding to the uber luxe explosion that’s taking place in Ghana is Danish-designed-made-in-Ghana, Bongani, -a high-end jewellery brand that’s making the ladies-who-lunch in Ghana very excited..

A yummy collection of precious and semi-precious beads and stones jewellery that are on-trend, well designed and lovingly made, Bongani jewellery are a treat -and will make the perfect Christmas present…

For more info or to purchase the above pieces visit:

Stockist in Ghana:
Stellar DeluxeThe Movenpick Hotel
Victoria Borg
Accra, Ghana
302 611000

Sango BoutiqueAccra Mall, Accra Ghana

Tema Point of SaleTema, Ghana
Comm. 2, Next to Agba Maame
Tel : 0303 210967 or 0289546 666

More Info:
What started out as a dream, quickly became an adventure for young Danish designer Sebastian Thempler. Several years ago, he moved to Ghana in search for inspiration and education that would offer more, or help him apply what he had already learned in Denmark. Coming to the country empty-handed, he had to keep all options open and went to the City of Gold in Ghana; Kumasi.

There, Sebastian was introduced to, and inspired by the Ghanaian people's love for jewellery-making along with the great variety in their beautiful designs, and the vast choice of minerals found in the African soil.

Bongani Jewels is founded by the Danish designer Sebastian Thempler. The company is located in Accra Ghana, but all the precious and semi-precious stones, beads, and other materials you see in the Bongani collections, are hand-picked by the designer and originates from all parts of the world, with the unique stones represented in African jewellery making. Each product is individually hand-made in Ghana, and appears unique in its own way.

The name Bongani comes from the Zulu name, which means "be grateful" and refers to the exclusiveness behind the Bongani jewellery, and how we appreciate the precious things in life. The bracelets are handmade in the design studio, and supervised by Sebastian to ensure that every single product meets the high expectations that is the signature of our design. Bongani Jewels combine the exclusive beads from all over the world, the distinct Danish design and the support and appreciation of Ghanaian handcraft. This philosophy and initiative is what have made Bongani Jewels famous in no time in its home country Ghana, and the country of Bongani's founder, Denmark.

We do believe it is important to repay those that help you on your way, and at Bongani, that is no exception. Whenever a product is sold, some of these profits go to the local people of Accra in some sense, to support those in need of help for a better life, and hopefully aid them to reach higher living standards and a life of education and opportunities.

For the first time, jewellery is more than something you wear - it is a contribution to something much bigger.

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