Friday, 2 November 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Bola


If its possible to fall in love with a voice -then I’m a gone-r over Bola!!! Uber new to Ghana Rising’s radar, northern Ghanaian musician Bola’s King Ayisoba’s stylee with a twist -has me wanting more…

Looking for info about Ghana Rising fave, Kae Sun, I stumbled across Bola’s music on the Okay Africa website -and I’m now predicting that Bola is Music’s next big thing!!!!!

I’m afraid I don’t know much about Bola but I'll find out more and keep you posted.… in the meantime, -do let me if you have more information on this exciting artist…

Anyway I saw the following info on the truly fabulous, must-visit-daily ‘Awesome Tapes’ website:
 Listen to the track "Abayetidu Ma" from the forthcoming Awesome Tapes From Africa release by Bola. He is a singer and instrumentalist from Bolgatanga, Ghana who has been putting out tape after tape of ridiculously energetic and thoughtful songs for the last few years. I almost died when I heard this Volume 7 tape for the first time. Bola's intense Frafra-language vocals, along with his shredding kologo—a two-stringed lute—boosted by bass-heavy, angular keyboard melodies and dance floor-ready drums. I am fascinated by Bola's take on a traditional instrument and musical style. Look out for this release in early April on LP/CD/MP3/limited edition cassette.

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To read about him on Okay Africa visit: -it’s a fabulous website -full of must-read pieces about cutting edge African artists -a must read me thinks….

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