Friday, 16 November 2012

Tourism & Photography: Stills By Ann capturing the beauty of Accra, Ghana….

 The Light House -James Town by Stills by ANN

Rawlings Park, Makola by Stills by ANN

Aerial View... Jamestown by Stills by ANN

Fishing Community on the Shores of James Town by Stills by ANN

Stone & Water by Stills by ANN

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: There’s a real stillness, an unexpected evocative calm to Stills by ANN’s photographs. How on earth she managed to capture parts of Accra, -a hustling, bustling, city-that-never-sleeps in a quiet, almost gentle sleepy way -is beyond me!!!! But it makes me want to be there, -right there at that old Light House -one of Ghana’s many old historic landmarks -right now!!!

Photographer Ann has captured Jamestown, Accra -a part of town not usually celebrated for its beauty in the most incredible light -something that I‘m guessing, -has never been managed by Ghana‘s tourism board or trust or authority or whatever -and that’s such a shame.

I’m thinking that if Ghana‘s tourism board or trust or authority or whatever can set aside some Sika (I will not goooo there oOo) and work with some of Ghana’s up and coming photographers to showcase some of Ghana’s delightful landmarks/ hotels/ boutiques/ restaurants/ castles and treasures etc -we [Ghana] can really start to up our game in terms of tourism.

Its also got me thinking!!!! ….Is there a locations company in Ghana?

If not, -here’s a perfect idea/opportunity for a creative or team who can -not only safeguard the safety of fash-packers (from around the world) -but will have seriously uber contacts -and the promotional know-how to bring this vision to pass, -in an elegant (high fashion glossies will pay to shoot in exotic locations -but they will, and rightly sooo, expect the type of hospitably that’s usually afforded them at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong) -and professional way!!!

…. Anyway I digress, for more info about Stills by ANN’s beautiful work visit:

***Credit: All photos come courtesy of Stills by ANN

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  1. Beautiful photographs! I will definitely be exploring more of Accra the next time I'm back. Great blog by the way!