Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Must: 3D decorative paper designs by X Fx Events Planning and Management……

Paper Crafted Backdrop Groom's Surname Initial. This is suitable for reception décor. Order yours or require for our services so we can add that sparkle to your wedding.

Kusudama Origami paper crafted flowers, great for centrepiece and décor. We have all colours available, Even gold. Order yours now.

Paulina says: I loveeeeeeeeeee paper and anything made out of them. I especially love the elegant art of origami and one of the most beautiful wedding bouquets I ever saw was one made out of crisp white and baby blue craft paper!!!! Thus, I’m soooooo loving X Fx Events Planning and Management’s  Kusudama Origami Paper flowers see above and was thinking…..wouldn’t it be fab to commission X Fx Events Planning and Management to make giant 3D Christmas decoration this winter?  

Can you imagine your living room covered in crisp white, yellow, pink, light green, silver, gold et al origami Paper flowers or baubles –it would be fab –no? For more info visit:

More Info:
X Fx Events Planning and Management
We specialize in wedding planning and decoration
We are also into Graphic designing, 3d Animation and Video Editing.

So for your total GRAPHIC DESIGNING SOLUTION ie. Digital Billboards and Signboards, Screen Printing, Complimentary and Business Cards, Letterheads Flyers, Posters and so on, Wedding and Event Decoration, Light Rentals for Decor. Video Coverage and Editing, 3D Animation For Media Advertisement.


P.s …Please note -- X Fx Events Planning and Management also have much loved, ‘bubble machine’ beloved by kids and adults alike for rent for weddings, kids parties et al…

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