Monday, 26 August 2013

Introducing the Johnjay Experience

Credit:  all photos come courtesy of Johnjay Fitih

Every once in a blue moon life throws you a gift, well the blue moon is upon us. The gift we present to you is a rare talent with a multitude of experience expanding across continents. His body of work in film, print and stage will solidify and cement his versatility in our industry.

We are overwhelmed with pleasure to present to you Johnjay Fitih, actor/model. With a rare set of skills which includes the power of flipping his authentic English accent to American, Jamaican, African, or Australian. This natural born actor with athletic abilities, that includes kickboxing, mixed martial arts, free based jumping and Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), that adds to his chameleon abilities.

Johnjay is from London, England with Ghanaian ancestry, which is obvious visible by his high cheek bones, dark chocolate skin that layers over his sculpted supremely defined arms, shoulders, and abdominal.

Improve the Star power of your new Movie production, TV commercial, film, print or stage is by injecting that all important rare talent to bring it to the forefront of the industry, please contact Rita Kidd."  Johnjay Fitih

 Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: It’s amazing…. I just stumbled upon actor/model/voiceover king Johnjay Fitih and just had to share. Uber new to La Ghana Rising blog radar –I will endeavour to keep my radar firmly on him as he rises in the ever competitive world of films.  I wonder if he has plans for the Ghanaian film industry. For more info or to book actor/model Johnjay Fitih visit:

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