Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Health & Wellbeing: Suffering from lower back pain –why not check out Dr. Angel Chambers’ DeYale Sports Centre in East Legon , Accra, Ghana…..

 Aquatic therapy is perfect for those who want to improve their endurance. While running in water, all of the major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system get a workout and the body starts to burn fat. Thirty minutes of aqua jogging is said to burn as many calories as a fifty minute walk outside, as water offers more resistance than air. And aqua jogging is easy on the ligaments and joints. Sign up for aquatic therapy at DeYale Centre

Paulina opoku-Gyimah says: Are you “recovering from an injury? Or do you require rehabilitation after a stroke or surgery?” Why not book an appoint to talk to the good people at Dr. Angel Chambers’ DeYale Sports Centre, -Ghana’s premier centre for ‘sports healthcare’. 

“DeYale Sports Centre is a new concept of sports healthcare in Africa. We provide premium, quality care for athletic and non-athletic individuals that experience pain from injuries or conditions from their backs, to shoulders, to feet. Our treatments consist of sports chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and nutritional support. DeYale also offers the latest techniques and certifications that were once only available in the UK and the USA.” DeYale Sports Centre

At “DeYale Sports Centre  you can be treated for a host of ailments including: chronic Swelling in your feet, tennis elbow, sciatica, anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries, plantar Fasciitis, low back pain, rotator cuff, shoulder weakness, numbness in extremities, carpal tunnel, decreased range of motion, osteoarthritis, headache and much more.

Famed for their numerous celebrity clients, namely uber famous footballers and athletes –and their professional  chiropractic doctors who “are able to effectively treat and decrease sports injuries” they also offer: sports chiropractic, aquatic therapy/training, massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, shoe orthotics, cranio-sacral massage, sports training, injury rehabilitation, weight management, physiotherapy, neurological muscular therapy –which is “is both preventative and therapeutic” and kinesio tape therapy which is a “method used for treating muscular and cardio-circulatory conditions. In athletes, it is used as a method to improve muscular balance and speed.”…..

I’m very excited about the services offered at DeYale Centre and look forward to checking them out when I’m next in Ghana…

 Note Deyale Centre is also the “proud sponsors of Ghana's Fastest human”.....  For more information about the DeYale Centre visit: http://www.deyale.com/

Inside Sansiro Complex in East Legon, near the A&C Shopping Mall in Accra Ghana.

More Info about the incredible Dr. Angel Chambers…. visit: http://www.deyale.com/about/about-me.html


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